Kenyan Drake Calls Out The NFL After Breaking His Ankle On Sunday

Las Vegas Raiders running back Kenyan Drake had an unfortunate fate during the game against Washington on Sunday.

When being taken down, Drake had his ankle rolled over by a Washington defender – leading to a break in the leg. He would have to be carted off the field.

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On Monday, Kenyan Drake called out the NFL rules that allow for a player to put weight on his lower body when bringing him down.

“Graphic Video Warning: The #NFLneeds to look at this specific style of tackling. They are throwing flags for taunting and protecting qbs from getting touched but this is my 2nd straight season being injured by a guy pulling me back and using his body weight to roll up my legs” he wrote on Twitter.

Kenyan Drake would emphasize that while the hit may be legal and not-malicious, he thinks the NFL needs to look into how players are tackled and make rules similar to a horse-collar or roughing the passer.

Respect to Kenyan Drake for trying to start a conversation about another area of the game that could be tweaked in order to better keep players healthy in the future.

Drake’s season is now likely over. But hopefully we’ll see him back on the field making plays soon enough.

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