LeBron Let PA Announcer Have It After He Suggested Bronny Got a Call Because He Was in the Gym

LeBron James couldn’t help contain his frustration after the public announcer made an off-putting comment about his son Bronny James. After Bronny drew a foul, the PA announcer suggested he got the call because his dad was in attendance. LeBron instantly took exception to the PA announcer’s comment and was eventually escorted back to his seat after letting his frustration fly.


Watch below:

LeBron was just trying to be a lowkey dad and got called out for absolutely no reason. LeBron has done enough for the school, can he not just enjoy the game in peace?

But in all reality LeBron has to know when he’s in a high school gym, his influence looms large.

On a separate note, this was kind of cool.

LeBron getting heated in public is always fun to watch.

We’re pretty sure the PA announcer got scolded by his comments.

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