Fernando Tatis Jr Involved in Motorcycle Accident While in Dominican Republic

The San Diego Padres superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. is feeling the sting after an accident that occurred while he’s spending time in the Dominican Republic over the weekend.

The $340 Million Dollar shortstop had some minor injuries as a result of the dust up, but returned the very next day to normal activities.

Via The San Diego Union-Tribune:

A report out of the Dominican Republic said the incident involved a motorcycle and that Tatis was transported to a “medical center” for treatment.

People familiar with Tatis’ status said he was doing normal activities as of Tuesday.

The Padres can’t comment on the situation due to the MLB work stoppage but I’m pretty sure they freaked out over their $340 million star spending time cruising around on a motorcycle.

Surprised that Tatis Jr. would risk it all for a joyride.

Not very smart. Ride the hog when you retire.

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