Video of Steelers Fan Getting Beer Tossed in His Face While His Son Cries Goes Viral

NFL games can be a ton of fun for Fathers and their sons.

It’s something you will remember for a lifetime, but unfortunately for one Steelers Dad and his kid, this will be one memory they may want to forget.

It all started with a Steelers fan chirping all game long. The fan in front of him is a Ravens fan, and she had enough of the guy’s banter. She turned around and tossed a beer in the guy’s face.

What happened next is pretty sad.

Watch below:

While the irate fan was screaming his face off, his child began to cry.

The Steelers father didn’t even seem to care about his son’s wellbeing, and continued his screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs.

Check out some reactions to the video below:

This is why a lot of people have zero interest in attending an NFL Game.

The environment is way too hostile for young children.

The NFL needs to do something about the chaos going on in the stands.

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