LaMelo Ball Not ‘Really Excited’ Over LeBron James Matchup

Charlotte Hornets rookie LaMelo Ball is about to face LeBron James for the very first time. One would think he’s be super excited to play against a guy he grew up watching. Not the case for the inevitable rookie of the year.  For him, it’s no big thing.

“I mean, nah. I grew up a little different. Not really on basketball like that. So, not really,” the 19-year-old Ball said Tuesday when asked if he’s excited to face James for the first time. “It will still be cool … but I go to every game with the same approach: going in to try to get a win.”

Looks like LaVar won’t be there to see his son against the King:

“Obviously you want your family to come see you, and then growing up, they always watched me, so it would kind of be like going in the past,” LaMelo Ball said, adding he was unaware of the current restrictions. “I mean, I know my people. They’ll be cool watching it on TV, too. We really like chilling at the house, more with the comfortable stuff other than being out. Like, I honestly would rather watch a game at home, chilling, than going to one.”

LaMelo Ball added that his basketball idol growing up  “was my pops,” referring to his father.

Another swipe at LeBron. You gotta love this kid.

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