Tom Brady’s Brother-In-Law Kevin Youkilis Has Honest Admission On The QB Coming Out Of Retirement

It’s widely slept on that former MLB OBP king Kevin Youkilis is the brother-in-law to Tom Brady.

After getting a divorce in his first marriage, Youkilis got married to TB12’s sister, Julie, in 2012.

So it’s safe to say that Kevin Youkilis is in Tom Brady’s inner circle. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he has the inside track on all of the GOAT’s decisions.

In fact, Youkilis revealed during a radio appearance that he learned Brady was coming out of retirement just 15 minutes before the rest of the world.

“It was like a text message on a chain, and then like 15 minutes later I was at somebody’s house and I’m trying to keep it quiet – don’t tell anybody, right? Because I don’t know when the news is coming out,” Youkilis said via Audacy’s Logan Mullen. “And it was instantaneous news, somebody was like, ‘Hey, your brother-in-law is coming back.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh here it comes.’ And then all of a sudden here come all the text messages and here comes all the stuff of ‘Hey, did you know?’”

During the appearance, Kevin Youkilis also told a funny story about attending his niece’s graduation — with Wayne Gretzky’s son also walking down the aisle at the event.

“It was Wayne Gretzky and then Tom Brady behind him and then I was behind them,” Youkilis said. “And nobody cared that I was there and it was great, it was so good.”

It’s safe to say Kevin Youkilis is deep in Tom Brady’s shadow when it comes to family functions. But he seems to be just fine with that.

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