Doc Rivers Wants To Win A Title With Ben Simmons As His Point Guard

While everyone in Philly seems just fine with Ben Simmons’ trade demand, coach Doc Rivers is actually trying to get the disgruntled point guard back to the team.

On Wednesday, Rivers joined “First Take” and talked about his desire to have Simmons return to the 76ers for Training Camp.

Doc Rivers was previously non-committal after the Game 7 loss to the Hawks about whether he felt Ben Simmons was the right fit with his team.

But as time has past since Simmons’ awful postseason performance, Rivers is adamant that his comments were taken the wrong way. And that he wants to continue to work with the young guard.

Ben Simmons has reportedly been ghosting the 76ers all offseason, and is fully prepared to leave money on the table if he isn’t traded.

Maybe Doc Rivers publicly backing him will make him feel more comfortable returning to the team.

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