Disturbing Jon Jones Arrest Video Leaked From Las Vegas Incident

UFC star Jon Jones has a long history of infractions and issues away from The Octagon.

Last September, Jones was arrested following a domestic disturbance call when his fiancee, Jessie Moss, was allegedly bleeding from her nose/mouth.

Now, body-cam footage from the Jon Jones arrest has been released.

Throughout the video, Jones could be heard yelling at the officers while jumping up and down and banging his head against the police vehicle.

Here’s what Jon Jones was saying during the arrest via Las Vegas Review Journal:

“Humiliating me [on] my Hall of Fame night,” Jones is heard saying on the video. “You fcking nerd. I hate you. I hate you! I hate you! You fcking nerd. I hate you so much.

“Say your name publicly. … You turned me in my Hall of Fame night, just because I’m big and Black. And what did I do? …. I came from my Hall of Fame ceremony, and I’m Black, and I did nothing to you.”

Court records show that the charges against Jon Jones were dismissed, but he was ordered to anger management training — which has been completed.

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