Lamar Jackson Is Looking To Match A Cam Newton Record Tonight During Their Showdown

Cam Newton revolutionized the quarterback position. He was on of the first true “running” quarterbacks to be embraced, and succeed, in the NFL. Because of guys like Newton, quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson exist.

Lamar Jackson has taken over the NFL. He is looking to become the second quarterback ever to rush for over 500 yards in his first three seasons. The only other to do it? Cam Newton. Jackson needs just 25 rushing yards to break Cam’s record. I think there is a strong likelihood he gets there.

Lamar Jackson has the utmost respect for Cam. Here’s what he had to say ahead of their marquee showdown on Sunday Night Football.

“He’s the ‘O.G.,'” Jackson said this week via ESPN “He’s Superman.”

Lamar continued

“A lot of us looked up to him. He won the Heisman. He won the college [football national] championship, won MVP, went to the Super Bowl. I followed him a lot. Wanted to get to where he’s at, and now I’m here. Now I’ve got to play against him. Just can’t wait to do that.”


Cam Newton was flattered when he heard Lamar Jackson speak highly of him. He is a big fan of Jackson.

“For him to be as successful and to make the impact — the big splash in this game — not many people have done it,” Newton said. “I say Michael Vick, I say Lamar. I don’t even think I’m in that stratosphere.”

Newton elaborated on his Lamar Jackson take.

“I just know when I first came into the league and I knew how hard it was to kind of find the likeness so to speak and to want to chat to people or talk with people — not saying it was hard,” Newton said. “But talking to certain quarterbacks that do not have your amenities or your traits can be kind of tough. But playing quarterback, you just still get great dialogue from any person that’s been in this league for a long time.”

When people think running quarterbacks, Michael Vick is probably the first one to come to mind. But Vick and other running QBs never won in the league. This led to a negative stigma that you can’t win playing that style. That was until Cam Newton came around. After we saw Cam win MVP and play in a Super Bowl, it was clear that a running quarterback can win.

Enter Lamar Jackson. He is the face of the Baltimore Ravens, one of the faces of the NFL. They have a very good team in Baltimore, and will figure to be a contender come playoff time. Lamar Jackson will be pivotal to their success or lack thereof.

I hope Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson put on a show tonight.

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