Kyrie Irving Posts Cryptic Messages Following Report James Harden Isn’t Happy with Kyrie, Life in Brooklyn

Kyrie Irving responding to James Harden reports?

It doesn’t look like James Harden is even aware of a new report that he’s unhappy living in Brooklyn .

The Nets star was asked about the report. “I don’t know what you talking about… I don’t know about no reports,” Harden said.

Jake Fischer, cited sources close to Harden as saying that the Nets star has “frustrations” over Kyrie Irving’s part-time playing, and is bumping up against Steve Nash’s coaching style.

To make matters worse, Harden reportedly has not enjoyed his time in Brooklyn, especially when compared to his time in Houston. When asked if he enjoys New York City on Tuesday, Harden said that he did.

Kyrie took to Twitter today,  seemingly responding to the reports.

I don’t blame James Harden if he’s annoyed about his situation on the Nets.

He went there to Super Team up, but at the moment it’s all on him.

Too much drama for any one man to handle in Brooklyn.

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