MLB Fans Are Irate That The League Suspended Nick Castellanos For Flexing All Over The Cardinals

The MLB announced today that Reds outfielder Nick Castellanos will be suspended two games for his antics against the St. Louis Cardinals over the weekend. He will be appealing the decision.


Castellanos was hit by a pitch by the Cardinals’ Jake Woodford on Saturday, and would come around to score on a Wild Pitch. He made sure to stand over Woodford when he scored and the young pitcher was covering home plate. This all came in wake of Nick Castellanos pimping the hell out of a home run on Opening Day.

Needless to say, fans are upset that Nick Castellanos was suspended just for making the Cardinals’ blood boil a little.

“I am disappointed that Nick was suspended even though he did not initiate physical contact,” Reds manager David Bell said via ESPN. “I am hopeful that when baseball is played with emotion, the players will be protected from dangerous and unnecessary retaliation.”

Hopefully the MLB overturns this brutal suspension. If we want to see the game of baseball grow and evolve, we need to embrace players who play like Nick Castellanos.

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