Kevin Durant And Isaiah Thomas Slam Middle Schooler Who Went Viral Over Dribble Move

Kevin Durant and Isaiah Thomas made their frustrations known with a video that was circling the web.

In some random middle-school basketball game, a kid went viral for over-dribbling before nearly sinking a three-pointer.

Kevin Durant took to Twitter to make his opinion clear that this style of basketball was bad for the game.

Isaiah Thomas joined KD’s sentiment when looking at the viral play.

It feels like it would be more productive if Kevin Durant and Isaiah Thomas would have explained why this move was counter-productive instead of taking the time to slam the kid. But that’s the way it is in this viral age.

In a follow up post, Durant would go on to say that the “habits” of this eighth grader are out of whack.

Hopefully this kid gets better coaching so he doesn’t feel the need to show off to the point where he’s hindering himself and his team.

All of this is just another example of how petty Kevin Durant is, and will always be, on social media.

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