Dick’s Sporting Goods Goes Viral Over Their Reaction To Supreme Court Decision

A large percentage of Americans are up in arms this weekend over a decision made by the Supreme Court.

In a close ruling on Friday, the court overturned a longtime precedent which allowed for abortions to be legal nationwide.


While many are panicked over the latest ruling, Dick’s Sporting Goods is trending for a good reason. Not only did the company’s CEO vehemently condemn the court’s ruling, but they also guaranteed that any employee would be taken care of if they were to need an abortion.

Check out the statement below:

Dick’s Sporting Goods is joining the fight against the Supreme Court decision. And it is a large fight, indeed.

Several athletes have already voiced their concern over the abortion decision, including Lebron James — who insinuated that the ruling was about much more than just abortions.

“It’s ABSOLUTELY ABOUT POWER & CONTROL!!” he wrote in response to a tweet.

Good for people in positions of power to use their platform for the greater good in times like these.

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