Lil Nas X Looking for Equal Outrage Over Tony Hawk’s Blood Infused Skateboard

Lil Nas X is not a fan of Tony Hawk’s blood infused skateboards, but more specifically, he’s not happy with how people are reacting to the news Tony decided to put his blood into skateboards. Earlier in the year Lil Nas X dropped some shoes that featured his blood, the outrage over the whole ordeal was next level.

Tony Hawk dropped his blood infused product this week.

There was definitely no backlash for Hawk, meanwhile Lil Nas X was dragged over his shoes.

See all the fuss below:

Personally not sure why there’s any appeal to a product with someone’s blood in it.

There should be equal outrage for anyone trying to make a buck off of a novelty like blood.

What a dumbass world we live in.

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