Kevin Durant Blasts Lakers Podcast Host Vivian Flores Over Catfishing Allegations

Kevin Durant speaks on Lakers Podcast host Vivian Flores, who reportedly went missing, then it was revealed she may just be someone else who was catfishing everyone. During a Twitter Spaces session, Twitter user ItsKingsBruh revealed that he had an online romantic relationship with Lakers podcaster Vivian Flores, but had broken things off with her after he suspected that she was a catfish.

That’s when she went “missing”.

Durant, who was featured in the session, was pretty revolted by the story.

Listen below:


Twitter users then began searching through Vivian’s Twitter page and found some unusual photos that appeared to be badly photoshopped.

Vivian would resurface on Twitter to deny the catfishing allegations made against her.

Vivian apparently used to go by the name of “Kelly” and was a member of Raiders Twitter.

There’s clearly a lot more to this story, which is just a strange one.

No doubt this will end up as a documentary on Netflix one day.

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