NFL Reporter Rebecca Grant Gets Crushed For Her Take On Simone Biles ‘Quitting’

Rebecca Grant is feeling the sting of weighing in on Simone Biles. Today the Buffalo Bills reporter took to Twitter to compare what Kerri Strug did back in 1996 to Simone Biles’ mental health issue that forced her to sit out during the competition.

“How did you feel about our most well known Olympic athlete quitting in the middle of the competition?

It’s too bad kids today didn’t grow up watching that Americans don’t quit! Kerri Strug is an amazing American athlete.”

Twitter let her have it:


Meanwhile Kerri Strug weighed in:

Everyone loves weighing in on someone else’s mental health decisions.

Clearly a hot button topic, but no one knows what Biles is going through. And yea, times are a lot different than they were when Kerri Strug was competing.

If you’re not revolted by her, you can check out more of Rebecca Grant below:

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