Josh Gordon Wants To Join Johnny Manziel In Fan Controlled Football League

Wide receiver Josh Gordon had all the talent in the world, but just could never focus enough on his career to last in the NFL. Sound like anybody we know? Well, probably a few different guys, but the one that stands out to me is former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel. That’s why it’s so fitting that Josh Gordon now wants to join Manziel on his Fan Controlled Football League team the “Zappers”.

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Gordon took to Twitter to reveal his interest in joining Manziel’s squad.

“Would y’all watch if I played a game w/ my guy @JManziel2& the @FCFZappers? Do I need to find an Agent for this convo @BobMenery?” Gordon tweeted on Wednesday night.

Johnny Manziel responded to Josh Gordon’s ask.
“@BobMenery get off your lazy ass and get it done. We need flash in a zappers jersey ASAP put down the BWW and make some calls,” Manziel said on his Twitter.
Bob Menery is an internet comedian who has stake in the Zappers in the league. The team had their debut in the arena-style league last week. I didn’t watch, but the highlights looked just as underwhelming as you could imagine.

Josh Gordon has struggled with substance abuse throughout his entire career. Gordon was re-instated briefly last season but never made it back to the league, where he had a contract with the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe Josh Gordon belongs with Johnny Manziel in this new scrappy league. I’m sure he’s in the clear of receiving a drug test on that team.

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