Joel Embiid Had A Message For Philly Fans After Disappointing Playoff Exit

The Philadelphia 76ers will go back to the drawing board this offseason to try to figure out a way to build around Joel Embiid better after a disappointing seven-game series loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

While it seems to be clear that the Sixers will look for suitors for a Ben Simmons trade, we know that Joel Embiid will be in Philadelphia for the foreseeable future. Embracing the face of the franchise label, Embiid has cultivated a relationship with the Philly faithful.


It was no surprise that Joel Embiid had a message for his pissed off fan base.

“PHILLY I LOVE YOU Sorry to disappoint you again Just know that I gave everything I had knowing the circumstances,” Embiid said on Twitter. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned being here, it’s the TOUGHNESS this city has and that’s why I played with a torn meniscus. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT ALL YEAR LONG!!”

Joel Embiid finished second in the MVP voting this season, and has proven that he will be “the guy” moving forward for Daryl Morey and the Sixers’ brass.

Some injuries and wear and tear took its toll on Embiid during the playoffs. But he was still able to put up some pretty good numbers. It just wasn’t enough.

I’d expect Joel Embiid to take some time to rest before starting to train for next season. But I’m sure we’ll be seeing the big man come back with a vengeance. This loss has to sting…

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