Jimmy Butler Is Loving All The Drama With Ben Simmons And The Sixers

It’s safe to say that Jimmy Butler is happy to be out of Philadelphia.

After the Sixers opted not to pay Butler top-dollar, he’s landed in Miami, where he has had the opportunity to be built around for the future.


One of the reasons why the 76ers made the decision to move off of Jimmy Butler was because they wanted to build specifically around Ben Simmons’ talents.

So Butler is undoubtedly getting a kick out of Simmons refusing to participate in team practices or show any interest in Philly until he’s traded.

Bleacher Report created a photoshopped spoof of a “Coach Carter” clip including Doc Rivers and Ben Simmons. And Jimmy Butler threw some shade by liking the post on his Instagram page.

Earlier in the offseason, Joel Embiid made a comment about how he would have liked it if the Sixers would have prioritized re-signing Jimmy Butler instead of making sure the Ben Simmons would have enough space on the floor to be effective.

Butler seemed to enjoy his time in Philly (at least more than he did with Minnesota and Chicago). But now that he’s seeing what a sh-tshow Ben Simmons has created with his former team, he’s likely thanking his lucky stars that he isn’t a part of it.

Jimmy Butler led the Heat to a miraculous NBA Finals run in 2020. But the team took a step back last season.

They’ll look to Butler to right the ship this year.

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