Aubrey Huff Had A Disgusting Take On The Derek Chauvin Verdict

Former MLB player Aubrey Huff has created quite the reputation for himself after retirement as a complete scumbag. Whether it be making crude jokes about women, sharing beliefs about Trump’s re-election, or touting some other of his extreme right-wing views, Huff often finds himself in the tabloids.

He’s been so controversial, that he doesn’t even get the invite back to the San Francisco Giants’ alumni events, including the celebration of their world championship when Huff was a member of the team.

To no one’s surprise, Aubrey Huff had something to say about Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin being found guilty of murder in relation to the George Floyd death from last year.

“Chauvin had the look of a guy being sentenced knowing that no matter what he’d be guilty….regardless of the jury. The jury no doubt felt the radical political intimidation, & their own safety. Chauvin had no chance,” Huff said on Twitter.


While Aubrey Huff may be looking into conspiracies on the process that resulted in the Chauvin verdict, many other prominent athletes took to social media to share their relief with the decision.

Many people would probably like to hear Aubrey Huff keep his thoughts to himself, but this is likely not the last we’ve heard from the outspoken lunatic.

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