Russell Wilson Reportedly Interested In Joining The Dallas Cowboys

Is Russell Wilson trying to force his way onto the Dallas Cowboys? According to one NFL analyst, yes.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio made a radio appearance with a Dallas station on Friday and insisted that Russell Wilson is interested in joining the Cowboys.

“Throughout this period of time where I’ve been aware that things aren’t 100% great for Wilson and the Seahawks, the one team that keeps coming up when I’ve tried to gather information about where he could go or where he’d like to go, the Cowboys are the one team that’s been mentioned more than any other,” Florio said Friday on 105.3 The Fan.

While this report led to a lot of backlash, Florio insists that “I suspect that Russell has an eye on Dallas.”

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Russell Wilson made news last week when he said he would like to be more involved in the Seahawks’ decision-making process. He’s also fed up with having a below-average offensive line.

“I love playing for the (Seahawks), I’ve loved it for years and lay it on the line every game and I’m dedicated to that,” Wilson said, via the Athletic’s Michael-Shawn Dugar. “Trying to do that every day I can. The reality is that I think it’s frustrating being there and watching the game and sitting there. Part of it, like any player, you never want to get hit, that’s the reality of playing this position, ask any quarterback who wants to play this game. At the same time, it’s part of the job.

“I’ve definitely been hit — I’ve been sacked almost 400 times. We got to get better. I got to find ways to get better, too. Just continue to try and find that. As we continue to go along the process and I think about my career wand what I want to be able to do, it always starts up front, offensively and defensively. It always does. I’m grateful for the time I’ve been able to put in every day to the process. I love this game. I came to play this game to win championships.”

When asked if he’s frustrated with the Seahawks, Russell Wilson responded “I’m frustrated with getting hit too much,” via

Dak Prescott — the current QB of the Cowboys is set to become a free agent. While many are suspecting that the team will either lock up Prescott, or hit him with the franchise tag yet again, Russell Wilson could change that.

For what it’s worth, I don’t see much of a shot that Russell Wilson ends up in Dallas this offseason. Seattle definitely needs to touch base with their unhappy franchise quarterback, though.

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