Manchester United Footballer Harry Maguire Looks To Have Gotten Himself Into Some Trouble In Mykonos…

There isn’t a whole lot of information on the matter at this time, but Manchester United’s Harry Maguire got arrested in Mykonos. The England defender, 27, has reportedly been transferred from Mykonos to Syros in a police vehicle on a ship after reportedly being arrested following the alleged incident. I’m not sure what he did, but it sounds pretty serious.


So what was this “alleged incident” involving Manchester United’s Maguire, the world’s most expensive defender? Surely it was more than the Michael Scott caricature, Mykonos. However, that was pretty crude at times. And not very accurate, at least to my knowledge. But for real. When you are this well known you have to do some pretty serious damage to get arrested. Let alone, get shipped to a different country in a police car. I have plenty of guesses, but likely none of them are in the realm of possibility of what Maguire actually did.

“At this time we will be making no further comment,” said the Manchester United front office.

Whatever the footballer did, he’s giving a bad name to Michael Scott’s Mykonos character and the Toby Maguire’s of the world. Oh, and Manchester United. They don’t look great right now.

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