Patrick Beverley Apologizes To Chris Paul After Dirty Push

In the waning moments of the Suns’ series-clinching win over the Clippers on Wednesday night, L.A. point guard Patrick Beverley created a stir when he shoved Chris Paul in the back ad he was walking away.


After Patrick Beverley received a lot of backlash for the dirty push of Chris Paul, he admitted fault. On Thursday afternoon, Beverley took to social media to apologize to CP3 for his actions.

“@CP3 emotions got the best of me last night gang. My bad wasn’t meant for you,” Beverley said on Twitter. “Congrats on making it to the Finals. Best of Luck.”

It feels like kind of a cop out for Patrick Beverley to say the shove “wasn’t meant” for Chris Paul. Is he claiming that he thought Paul was someone else?

Needless to say, Beverley doesn’t want to make an enemy out of Paul, and will hope to bury the hatchet from the dirty play.

Patrick Beverley was frustrated. But hopefully he can learn how to manage his emotions a little bit better in the future.

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