Identity of Aaron Rodgers Lookalike Has Been Revealed

Green Bay Packers one of a kind Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, wasn’t buying his lookalike at Lambeau this past weekend.

Rodgers even insisted Frank was a “plant” by NBC for the broadcast.

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The identity of Rodgers lookalike has now been confirmed, but not for lack of people trying to solve the mystery on social media.

“He’s allegedly a Canadian Bavarian fella who currently lives in Germany,” McAfee said.

A Twitter account with the handle @SherbyFranky in the Bavarian city of Munich appears to show the same person at what looks like Munich International Airport in the background.

“Finally Home, the End of a Legendary Weekend,” reads the caption on a photo posted Tuesday, along with the hashtags #doppelganger and #DoubleAaron.

WISN-TV (Channel 12) in Milwaukee was able to reach the man, who lives in Germany and asked to be identified as only Frank for privacy reasons, to confirm it was him.

He told the TV station he was in Green Bay to surprise his dad, a big Packers fan, with his first visit to Lambeau Field.

On Twitter, Frank wrote he was not “scouted from Germany.”

“I think I might disappoint a lot of people who thought that maybe I am a big diehard fan, that I grew my hair and beard just to look like him. It was all coincidence,” Frank said.

What a trip for Frank, now forever known as Aaron Rodgers doppelganger.

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