Russell Westbrook and Clippers’ Paul George Switching Places? NBA Hot Stove

NBA hot stove season is scorching right now. The Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers both enter the NBA offseason with a huge need to change gears after coming up short.  With both franchises featuring players in the midst of their primer years, namely 32-year-old James Harden and 29-year-old Kawhi Leonard, there will only be so much time that a championship window remains open. Both teams have major assets that theoretically could fit into a trade for one another. Could Paul George and Russell Westbrook end up getting simply switching places?

According to’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, the Clippers and Rockets have conducted ‘preliminary’ talks for a trade centered around Paul George and Russell Westbrook. The discussions also included Robert Covington and a 2023 1st round selection headed to Los Angeles.

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Would swapping Russell Westbrook for Paul George do anything for either team? PG13 much like Westbrook hasn’t always been great when it matters. Paul George and Harden seem like a much better fit than Harden and Westbrook, but the big question is, could Westbrook make things better in Clippers nation?

With many other teams rumored to be in the mix for Russell Westbrook’s services and Harden himself is on the block. Anything is possible. There is something you just have to love about the NBA hot stove.

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