Former Patriots Player Says Team Wasn’t Sold On Jimmy Garoppolo During New England Days

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been a hot topic during the NFL offseason. When the 49ers traded the Dolphins to move up the #3 in the NFL Draft, many took that as them looking to move on from Jimmy G as their franchise quarterback.


If Jimmy Garoppolo wasn’t already having a rough offseason, a former teammate is adding insult to injury. Former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins joined ‘The Greg Hill Show‘ and was very critical when talking about Garoppolo’s ability to stay healthy and perform for the Pats.

“My sources here tell me, and I didn’t really want to say this, but they used to look at Jimmy G. a little sideways,” Wiggins said. “Like, he was kind of a little bit Mr. Glass. And I am not talking about the Sam Jackson character, where they were like, ‘Can’t really depend on him. Can’t stay on the field.’ Between the lines they looked at him like, ‘Can we really count on this dude?’”

I don’t think Wiggins said anything terrible here. Jimmy Garoppolo has had his fair share of injury problems since becoming the starting quarterback of the Niners. When he does play, his record is very good, but there might be a better fit for Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

It certainly feels like the 49ers are making moves to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo sometime in the near future.

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