Texans HC Lovie Smith Speaks On Allegations Against Deshaun Watson

New Texans head coach Lovie Smith knew he was never going to have Deshaun Watson as his quarterback when he took the job this offseason.

However, he had to know he was going to have to speak on the matter at some point. And during an appearing on Chris Collinworth’s podcast, Lovie Smith referenced the sexual assault accusations when saying the breakup was necessary.


“Sometimes divorce is good, and that’s my statement that I’ve made a lot of times when you know a split’s going to happen, and both parties are going to win once it does,” Smith said. “I don’t know exactly what happened. The accusations are there, and if they have merit that will all come out in time. But for our football team, we needed to move on.”

Now, Lovie Smith and the Texans will be giving young QB Davis Mills a chance to prove he’s the QB of the future in Houston. And so far Smith says he likes what he’s seeing.

“If you look at all of my comments about Davis, I am a believer in him and what he’s going to do,” Smith said last Monday. “Eventually, he’s got to do it all on the football field consistently where everybody loves him, every snap and all of that. Before a guy has played enough to do all of that, he shows up every day. Availability, he is available, and he has recruited other players to come here, and what the guys see him doing is just working. When I say I believe in him, (offensive coordinator) Pep Hamilton, second year in the system, all of these things. … If you just go back and look at the plays that he made, throwing the ball downfield last year, so many good things that he did, and that’s as a rookie.”

Turning the page after having a superstar like Deshaun Watson can be difficult, but the Texans’ brass are hoping Lovie Smith can bring in a new, winning culture.

It’s not going to happen overnight, that’s for sure.

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