Damian Lillard Reportedly Wants To Play With Ben Simmons

With Ben Simmons remaining sidelined for the 76ers while he holds out hope that he’ll be traded soon, many have speculated that Daryl Morey would seek Damian Lillard in a Simmons trade.But a new report contradicts all of that.

Apparently Lillard has been actively trying to team up with Ben Simmons.


Damian Lillard has credited Ben Simmons with being one of the best perimeter defenders in the entire NBA. And during his tenure in Portland, it’s often the defense that holds them back from being a true contender.

So perhaps Dame will actively try to team up with Simmons somewhere away from Portland?

Maybe, but after it was reported that Lillard was getting increasingly fed up with the Trail Blazers following a lackluster start to the season, he chimed in to slam the rumor.

Damian Lillard and Ben Simmons have both been surrounded by trade rumors over the past couple of seasons. And for now, it doesn’t appear that a trade is imminent.

But it’s clear that Simmons has fallen out of favor with a lot of people around the league for how he’s handled the Philly situation. And it mean something that a star player such as Lillard is willing to say he wants to team up with him.

We don’t know how it would happen. But maybe we’ll see a Damian Lillard-Ben Simmons backcourt pair at some point in the future.

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