Cameron Jordan Lobbies For Aaron Rodgers To Come Join Saints: ‘Pick A Head Coach’

After Aaron Rodgers and the Packers were eliminated from last weekend’s Divisional Round of the playoffs by the 49ers, many were wondering what’s next for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Prior to this season, Rodgers asked to be traded from the Packers. But at the end of the day, he ended up joining the Packers, and made it clear that this could be his “last dance” with the team.


With Aaron Rodgers seemingly embarking on another offseason where he’ll be the subject of heavy trade rumors, Saints defensive lineman Cameron Jordan has an idea. During an appearance on ESPN’s “Get Up” earlier today, Jordan lobbied with Rodgers to come join the Saints.

“I heard he had some rifts with his last head coach, so I’m just saying, maybe come pick one out [in New Orleans]!” he said.

Cameron Jordan might be a little in over his head with the Aaron Rodgers pitch.

Despite the fact that the Saints could probably use an upgrade at the quarterback position, they’re also currently in a cap space bind, and would likely have to trade several players to make room for Rodgers on their roster.

If Aaron Rodgers were to get traded this offseason (still a big if), then it’s a lot more likely that a team like the Broncos or Steelers will be able to make a move than Cameron Jordan’s Saints.

Worth a shot, though.

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