Bradley Beal’s Wife Responds To Rumors That He Wanted John Wall Traded For Russell Westbrook

Bradley Beal’s wife doesn’t like the rumor going around about her husband. Bill Simmons said on his podcast, The Bill Simmons Podcast, that he believed a Russell Westbrook-John Wall trade was going to happen. He also said Bradley Beal was pushing for the deal.

“I thought Westbrook was going to Washington,” Simmons said. “I had heard that Bradley Beal was driving the Westbrook thing and that they were actually going to include a pick potentially and it wasn’t just a one-for-one that they were actually putting in more.”

Kamiah Adams-Beal took to social media to squash this rumor.

“Y’all gotta be really mindful of who you consider to be a “reliable source”. A lot of people just be miserable, making sh*t up, and trying to get a couple likes & retweets,” Kamiah Beal tweeted.


Kamiah didn’t stop there.

“Let whoever, think whatever, just keep getting better,” She followed.

I agree with Kamiah Adams- Beal’s message here. Twitter can be a cesspool of nonsense. However, Bill Simmons is a real insider. I wonder if there is some truth to Beal wanting John Wall out of Washington. It wouldn’t be the first time of a reported feud between the two players.

We’ll see if John Wall ends up getting moved before the NBA season begins next month.

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