Bill Belichick Is Catching Heat For Wearing A Mask With A Hole In It

Things aren’t going too well for Bill Belichick on Thursday Night Football. He’s currently getting blown out by the Los Angeles Rams. To make matters worse, Belichick will probably catch a fat fine from the NFL for his mask.

Yes, that appears to be a giant hole in Bill Belichick’s mask, defeating the whole purpose of wearing the thing. People on social media are throwing a bunch of shade at the Patriots coach for his mask situation.

Get in Some Sideaction:

Belichick probably won’t hear the end of this one for a very long time. Did he actually make it look like he was wearing a double mask, only to have a hole cut out of the mask underneath? Why is it so hard for this man to follow the rules?

The NFL has had a lot of problems with coaches going against COVID protocols, and not keeping their masks on while they’re on the sidelines, and I just don’t get it. It really isn’t that hard to wear the mask, they even make some that are easy to breath and speak with on.

Belichick is gonna Belichick, I guess.

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