Kyrie Irving Fined By NBA for Media Dodge After Stephen A. Smith Rant

We shouldn’t really be surprised when Kyrie Irving does something bizarre at this point. However, his latest stunt was really something. Kyrie decided to send out a statement instead of speaking with reporters. Stephen A. Smith and others in the NBA media circle were having none of it.

Kyrie was fined by the NBA for the selfish act.

Earlier in the week, Stephen A. Smith had an epic rant on Kyrie’s refusal to speak with reporters.


Get in Some Sideaction:

I’m with Stephen A. Smith here. Kyrie Irving can’t just dodge the media for the rest of the season. It shouldn’t even be so painful, it’s over zoom. Kyrie gets paid millions of dollars to play basketball, and part of that job entails speaking with reporters. It may suck, but everyone has to do it.

Maybe we’ll see Kyrie speak with the media again soon, and he can talk about how the world is flat, how the Nets don’t have a true ‘head coach’, how Lebron can’t hit a clutch shot, or whatever other crazy thing that comes to his mind that day.

It’ll be interesting to see how Kyrie meshes with Kevin Durant this NBA season. Irving has proven to be a toxic guy over and over again, and what’s to make us think he’s going to do anything differently? If this media stunt was any indication, we’ll be getting a lot of drama from Kyrie Irving this year.

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