Austin Rivers Speculated On IG Live That LeBron May Not Have The Same Accommodations As Other Guys In The NBA Bubble

The NBA has always been a stars’ league. But the Orlando NBA bubble was thought to be more of an egalitarian situation for all the NBA players to receive equal treatment while they’re there. Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers may not be as sure based on this Instagram Live video he did for SLAM where he made a comment about LeBron James and the special accommodations he may or may not be receiving:

This germ of a conspiracy theory about LeBron having a different setup in the Orlando NBA bubble started last week. LeBron and his Lakers enjoyed some tacos that looked much better than the quarantine food other players had last Taco Tuesday:

Would it shock me if the league’s star player who’s publicly acknowledged as a behind-the-scenes force has some special accommodations in this NBA-funded equivalent campus? Probably not. It wouldn’t be the most fair since the quality of each of the hotels was meant to level out the lack of home court advantage. But LeBron has all of the advantages when he’s in his actual house anyway with hyperbaric chambers and live-in chefs. So what’s the real difference if LeBron has a VIP setup in Orlando? If anything, it makes the bubble closer to real life.

So no, I won’t knock LeBron’s hustle. And I also won’t believe he isn’t getting special treatment unless he gives a full NBA bubble MTV Cribs-style tour of his setup. I want to live in a world where his hotel room looks like the prison scene in Goodfellas:

You just know Alex Caruso is the one who has to stir that sauce. Glue guy through and through.

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