Antonio Brown’s Attorney Absolutely Goes Off On The Bucs, Reveals ‘Official Reason’ AB Got Cut

The Antonio Brown drama continued over the weekend.

Brown’s attorney hopped on Twitter to go off on the Bucs after they released him during a game earlier this month.

“The Bucs picked an arbitrary appointment time outside of normal business hours early Thursday morning,” Brown’s attorney tweeted. “They also fumbled around with a Wednesday afternoon appt at the last minute. (Bucs’ new interest in AB’s health was a surprise. Wasn’t AB ‘not a Buc’ on Sunday night?)”

He continued:

“The Bucs did this because they know that Coach Arians’ on-the-field termination of AB was degrading, inhumane, abusive, and unlawful. So they tried covering it up using their latest dirty trick: ‘Surprise attack’ medical care that they [never] reasonably planned for AB to receive. This was pure gamesmanship to create a pretextual termination. All Antonio did was ask to be seen at a reasonable hour by a doctor with current medical records. When AB spoke up about his health this week, he was fired. On the field, then on Twitter.”

Brown says he could not play due to an injury but his coach said he was not aware of such an injury.

Brown then leaked text messages to prove his coach did know.

Antonio Brown always keeps things interesting…

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