Old Quote Shows Tom Brady Thought Seven Championships Was Impossible

Even in the middle of his career, Tom Brady thought winning seven championships was unfathomable.

Sports writer Gary Myers revealed in old quote from his book Brady vs. Manning which was released in 2016. Even after winning three rings, Brady thought seven was a goal that might’ve been a bit lofty.

“It’s not like you are going to win six or seven Super Bowls,” Tom Brady said at the time.

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Maybe Tom Brady thought that seven rings was unthinkable, or maybe he was just being humble here. I’m going to go with the latter. Tom Brady holds himself to the highest standard, and has had a chip on his shoulder throughout his career. Sure, he said that six or seven Super Bowls wasn’t going to happen, but in the back of his mind I bet he knew he could do it.

Tom Brady’s competitive drive is the main reason why he’s the GOAT. At 43-years-old, Brady is still somehow playing some of the best football of his career. Forget six or seven championships, how about eight or nine? Maybe that’s pushing it, but I would never bet against Tom Brady.

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