Washington Football Team Fans Beat the Crap Out of Each Other

Washington Football Team’s fans are getting ready for a very long season, and like it’s gone in the recent past, it started out as a rough first weekend for the Washington Football team faithful. Not only did they lose their starting Quarterback, some fans even had sewage rain down upon them. during the game.

On top of all the crap they endured, now it appears they also beat the heck out of one another.

It’s crazy that this happens at what feels like every single NFL game.

Watch the latest fan fight below:

Didn’t expect this outcome, I mean it’s usually the guy with high ground that has the advantage. Apparently not this time as the guy below found a rhythm with his reach.

Fan fighting has become the norm, which is just plain scary.

Who the hell wants to pay all that money so you could get targeted by a maniac fan.

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