Ana Montana Shows Off LaMelo’s Handshake Prior to Him Fracturing His Wrist

LaMelo’s Ball’s rumored girlfriend Ana Montana continues to drop hints she and the Hornets rookie are an item. Ana was spotted courtside last week wearing one of LaMelo’s masks. Fortunately for the IG star, she should have plenty of time to spend with her young boyfriend now that he’s out for the season.

LaMelo hurt himself during the game yesterday:

Coincidentally the night before, Ana was showing off LaMelo’s handshake.

See below:

Looks like Melo won’t be able to pull off that handshake for quite some time.  Damn shame, because we’re probably not going to see Ana at anymore Hornets games.

LaMelo still is my Rookie of the Year.

Check out more of LaMelo’s rumored girlfriend below:

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