Adam Silver Blasts NYC Vaccination Rule When Standing Up For Kyrie Irving: ‘It Doesn’t Make Any Sense’

NBA commissioner Adam Silver is sick of Nets star Kyrie Irving only being allowed to play in away games.

When speaking to reporters this week, the comish lobbied for New York to change their vaccination rules, pointing to a double-standard in the way they enforce the law for unvaccinated athletes.

“This law in New York, the oddity of it to me is that it only applies to home players,” Silver said, via ESPN. “I think if ultimately that rule is about protecting people who are in the arena, it just doesn’t quite make sense to me that an away player who is unvaccinated can play in Barclays but the home player can’t. To me, that’s a reason they should take a look at that ordinance.”

Adam Silver would go on to point out that the original rule was made by New York’s former mayor, expressing optimism that a change could be coming in the near future.

“So while again, my personal view is people should get vaccinated and boosted, I can imagine a scenario where Brooklyn, as part of New York City, with a new mayor now who wasn’t in place, Eric Adams, when that original ordinance was put into place, I could see him deciding to change along the way and say it’s no longer necessary to have a mandatory vaccination requirement, as I said particularly one that only affects home players,” Silver said.

Kyrie Irving had adamantly defending his stance on not receiving the COVID vaccine at every opportunity. And while Adam silver has gone out of his way to try to convince every player to take the shot, he’s likely now recognizing that it would be a shame if we don’t get to see Irving play at home down the stretch and in the playoffs because of this non-sense law.

After the Trade Deadline mega-deal, Irving is now going to have to get experience playing on the same court with Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant to discover what sort of identity the Nets will have come playoff time.

Despite all of Kyrie Irving’s ridiculous comments and stances, I think most of us would agree with Adam Silver that it’s time to let the guy play at the Barclays Center.

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