Rob Manfred Ripped Over Comments About Minor Leaguers

It feels like the commissioner of ever American major sports league is widely hated, but MLB commissioner Rob Manfred seems to have taken it to the next level.

Since taking over for Bud Selig last decade, Manfred seems to have baseball going in the opposite direction they’re looking for, with the latest big controversy surrounding minor leaguers and their pay.

Recently, the MLB agreed to settle in a large lawsuit stemming from their inability to pay minor leaguers a serviceable living wage. But despite the suit resulting in a loss for the league, Manfred disagrees with the ‘premise’.

When asked today about the minor league wages, Rob Manfred was quick to try to squash the notion that they aren’t being given enough.

“I kind of reject the premise of the question, that minor league players are not paid a living wage,” Manfred said.

The Advocates for Minor Leaguers ripped commissioner Rob Manfred over his response.

“Most Minor League baseball players work second jobs because their annual salaries are insufficient to make ends meet,” Executive Director Harry Martino said. “The commissioner makes an annual salary of $17.5 million. His suggestion that Minor League pay is acceptable is both callous and false.”

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It seems like every time Rob Manfred goes in front of a microphone, he finds a new way to put his foot in his mouth. And this is another instance.

After the minor leaguers’ lawsuit was settled just four days ago, it’s become even more clear that there’s a systemic problem with how the MLB treats and pays their minor leaguers.

Instead of addressing the problem, Rob Manfred is looking for more excuses, which just further shows that he may not be best-suited for his current job.

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