Twitter Was Already Worried About ‘Bloated’, ‘Zoned Out’ Tiger Woods Prior to Crash

Tiger Woods’ Jim Nantz interview is being dissected by people looking for clues about Tiger’s wellbeing. Immediately following Tiger Woods crash, everyone was speculating on what caused the accident. Many assumed it had something to do with alcohol or pills. Tiger recently had back surgery, and he’s been keeping busy recovering . Woods had a live TV interview on Sunday at the Genesis Invitational in California. Jim Nantz interviewed Tiger and fans noticed his eyes had bags underneath, and some felt he looked “Zoned out”

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Here’s the interview below:

More reactions to the video below:

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Of course there’s no evidence pointing to him being intoxicated at the time of the crash:

You never know what Tiger is going through, five back surgeries are a lot.

Thankfully he’ll recover, and hopefully he’ll be back on the tour by next year.

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