Aaron Rodgers Used His “Jeopardy!” Role To Help Small Businesses In His Hometown

Aaron Rodgers’ two-week stint as guest host of “Jeopardy!” is coming to a close. The Green Bay Packers quarterback filled in admirably, and has even showed interest in taking over full-time for the recently deceased Alex Trebek.

While that may be a pipe dream, Rodgers got the most out of his time with “Jeopardy!”, and even used his influence to help out small businesses who have suffered throughout the pandemic.


At the end of each “Jeopardy!” episode, Rodgers would mention the North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF). This organization has gone above and beyond to offer relief to businesses around Aaron’s hometown of Chico, California.

The Athletic caught up with some of these businesses, who showed a whole bunch of gratitude to Rodgers and the foundation.

“For us, it has been, obviously, the difference between our decision to close and not,” April Kelly, manager of Nic’s Restaurant in Paradise. “To really have one person make such a huge difference where his roots are, that takes a pretty extraordinary person.

“I was joking around and said Aaron is single-handedly saving downtown Chico… But in a way, that’s kind of what he’s doing.”

Aaron Rodgers continued to get support from several of the other businesses.

“I can never thank him enough. I’ll tell you that much,” A&J Party Center owner Ben Murray said. “Nobody here at our store will ever forget what he’s done for us. I think more people need to realize that our sports heroes aren’t just people who do things on the field.”

Rodgers has also donated $1 Million of his own money to the fund. Sometimes Aaron Rodgers gets a bad reputation for his often edgy personality, but it’s clear that there’s more to the legendary quarterback than what meets the eye.
Props to him for using his platform to help people who have been reeling for over a year now.

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