Shams Charania Is Getting Ridiculed Over How He Delivered The LaMarcus Aldridge Retirement News

NBA insider for The Athletic, Shams Charania, is in the business of getting news out as fast as possible. So when newly-acquired Brooklyn Nets big man LaMarcus Aldridge announced that he was surprisingly retiring from the NBA, Shams was on it.


With that being the only context, fans were quick to make jokes about Aldridges’ retirement. But it was later revealed that LaMarcus has chosen to walk away from the game due to an irregular heartbeat.

Shams is now being criticized for not adding context to his original tweet.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if this is really a reflection of Shams or just reporting as a whole right now. It’s not about the quality of the content nowadays, it’s just about who’s able to get it out first.

Also, I thought Shams was pretty quick to add details to the LaMarcus Aldridge situation.

Hopefully Aldridge gets his health in order. Definitely a very scary situation.

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