Racing Fans In Poland Come Up With A Brilliant Way To Watch Their Teams Compete Without Breaking Social Distancing Regulations

Motorcycle racing superfans in Poland went to the ultimate length to watch their favorite teams race. Due to coronavirus limitations, fans of Motor Lublin Club Poland rented cranes for people to stand in and watch the races. Speedway racing is a huge sport in parts of Poland and that was put on proper display with this genius social distancing tactic.

No fans allowed in the stadium? No problem. I knew the coronavirus pandemic would encourage people to get more creative, but this is innovation at its finest. Motor Lublin was up against team GKM Grudziaz at the local speedway, but only a limited number of people were allowed to enter the stadium due to coronavirus restrictions. Most of them were teammates or exclusive members of the racing organization. Meanwhile, other fans have been using the crane tactic for a couple of weeks after one account displayed fans celebrating with flares at the end of a race.

The Speedway Extraleague in Poland is the nation’s most popular sport. So basically motorsport racing in Poland is America’s football. I think the most notable thing about this story is the level of respect and dedication demonstrated by the Polish people. There is not a chance something like this would take place on U.S. soil. American people going out of their way to follow the rules? No way. I also give huge props to the Polish for their creativity. Not only was it brilliant, but it also made for some excellent photography.

Sometimes sports really do bring out the best in people. It’s always a breath of fresh air to see people find creative ways to show their support for the things they love. Renting cranes is a pretty extreme measure to go to just to watch a motorcycle race. However, when the dust settled Motor Lublin racing fans were not disappointed. The home team defeated GKM Grudziaz with a final race score of 58-32.

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