Aaron Rodgers is Going to Need More Scotch After Throwing Two Picks Versus Bucs

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers had an off day. Rodgers currently has the greatest touchdown-to-interception ratio in NFL history. He entered Sunday’s showdown against Tom Brady with 13 touchdowns and no interceptions this season.

He finished the day throwing two picks.

Rodgers explained:

“That (expletive) happens,” Rodgers said, trying to shrug off the shock factor after the game. “It’s part of the (game). I haven’t had a lot of those over the years.”

No, this (expletive) doesn’t happen. Not to Rodgers. While the Packers disintegrated on both sides of the ball in their 38-10 blowout loss to the Buccaneers on Sunday, it was their pristine quarterback who started the avalanche. He did it with a throw so startling unlike Rodgers, it was jaw dropping.

Rodgers, who entered Sunday completing 70 percent of his passes, was 16-of-35 for 160 yards, no touchdowns, two interceptions and a 35.4 passer rating. The last time he Rodgers had a passer rating worse than Sunday’s came late in the 2014 season, when Rodgers had a 34.3 rating at the Buffalo Bills. Rodgers knows how to forget about his Sunday struggles; add more scotch:

“I feel good about the team,” Rodgers said. “Might need to add an extra finger to the scotch, but I do feel good about the team. I’ve played for so longer, you’re going to have a couple stinkers.

“This, I believe, is an anomaly, not the beginning of a trend. And we’ve got a chance to prove me right next week.”

Rodgers is like any QB,  when they get pressured, they play worse.  It’s not rocket science. That being said, Rodgers is still looking as good as ever, and most defenses won’t be doing what Tampa did to him yesterday.

Nothing a little scotch can’t fix.

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