Pete Carroll Reveals How He Tried To Get Russell Wilson To Stay And It Doesn’t Really Sound Like He Tried All Too Hard

The Pete Carroll-Russell Wilson relationship appeared to be strained for a little while now.

When Russ gave the Seahawks three teams he’d accept a trade to last offseason, it was reported that he wanted more of a say in the team’s roster decisions — feeling Carroll had been given the keys to the castle more than he deserved.

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Now, Russell Wilson got himself on the Broncos after the Seahawks failed to make the postseason in 2021-22, and Pete Carroll is left with Drew Lock at QB1 at this moment.

When speaking to the media on Tuesday, Carroll was asked what efforts he made to try to convince Russ to stick around after the trade.

The coach replied that he made his pitch to Wilson based on “logic”. But once the quarterback remained stuck in his ways, he didn’t push much more.

“There was so much compelling reasoning why he would stay because of all the history and all the time spent. That was exactly where I was coming from, just to use the logic of it. When you’ve built a relationship over a long period of time there’s great benefits to that moving forward and well beyond your career and stuff. Those are all parts of the conversation. What I continue to say, Mike, I had no intention of making a move at all while guys were under contract and we were pleased with what was going on and all. So, I fought for the logic of that for a good while until it wasn’t meaningful anymore to stick with that.”

Unfortunately for Pete Carroll, his ‘logic’ wasn’t enough for Russell Wilson. And now he has a much better roster with the Denver Broncos.

To this point, Carroll has maintained that he can win with Drew Lock. But one would ponder whether or not that’s legitimately the team’s only plan for their quarterback position.

Sure, Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson had one hell of a run together in Seattle. But it’s hard not to put some of the blame for the contentious finish on the head coach.

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