NFL Insider Speaks On Rumor Tom Brady Forced Bruce Arians Into Retirement

Tom Brady came out retirement, Bruce Arians went into retirement.

Coincidence?  While the  timing of how everything went down seems a bit peculiar, according to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, it was just that, a coindence. The NFL Insider was about the bombshell rumor that Brady forced Arians into retirement  on the “Rich Eisen Show.”

Rapoport shared his opinion on the rumor:

“I don’t think that’s true. I really don’t. And it’s one of those things … I get tweeted the night that BA (Bruce Arians) retired, you know, basically about how he got to do what he wished, which was hand his team over to his top lieutenant Todd Bowles, with a great chance to win the Super Bowl, right? It was everything [he] wanted. And I got accused of all sorts of things on social media, which tends to happen.”

Rapoport added that Arians was possibly trying to get the Buccaneers into the best position for his successor, Todd Bowles:

“And I’m like, okay, either, you know, and I’ve talked to, I would say, six or seven Bucs sources and people close to Brady, who all say that’s completely ridiculous. And all said it was ridiculous throughout. And so, could everyone be lying to me? Sure. It’s theoretically possible there could be some great vendetta to make sure that everyone tells the same lies to me at the same time. It’s possible. Or Bruce Arians just got his team set, got all the free agents, got Brady back, and handed Bowles the best team you can imagine.”

You really just never know what Tom Brady is capable of. The man gets what he wants, and if he wanted Arians out in order to come back, it wouldn’t be totally shocking for Tampa Bay to choose Tom over Arians.

This will most likely be just one of those rumors that never gets confirmed.

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