Mac Jones Training Camp Struggles: QB Leads Patriots to “Most Troublesome Offensive Practice” Tuesday

For Mac Jones and the Patriots offense, this Training Camp can’t end soon enough.

All Summer long, reports of dismal offensive performances have been coming out about the Patriots. But nothing worse than today, when reporters noted that the unit had put in their worst performance to date.

“The Pats’ offense has sounded like a complete dumpster fire all summer,” NFL reporter Matt Verderame said following a breakdown of everything that went wrong for Mac Jones and the Patriots offense this morning.

After losing offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to the Raiders this offseason, Bill Belichick made the questionable decision to bring on former assistants Joe Judge and Matt Patricia to call plays for Mac Jones and the Patriots offense.

Still, Jones is confident in Belichick to get his offense on the right track.

“I think obviously Coach Belichick’s done a great job kind of explaining exactly what we want to do as an offense, and Matty P has seen so many different defenses along with Coach Belichick, so it’s like they combine their knowledge of how to attack the defense,” Jones told reporters when asked about collaborating with Patricia on offense via CBS Sports.

“That’s something that’s really stood out to me. They’re great guys who, and Coach [Joe] Judge, they all bring this different energy to the room when they’re presenting. So, they all are trying to get us to work together and that’s the most important part, is we’re all on the same page regardless of who’s talking, who’s making the decision on a play or what not and it’s always an open conversation which I love.

Obviously, it’s a full panic in New England about their offense. But perhaps they’ll surprise us once the regular season rolls around.

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