Los Angeles Chargers Coaches Reveal Quarterback Justin Herbert’s ‘Superpower’

Athletes are a lot like superheroes.

And in a day and age where Super Hero movies dominate the box office and rule the roost on streaming television, of course everyone loves to talk about super powers. So what are Los Angeles Chargers star QB Justin Herbert’s superpowers? According to the Ringer, Shane Day, the Chargers quarterbacks coach was asked to “pick out the best play he’d seen Justin Herbert make during their first year working together.”

After thinking about the question, Day came up with an answer, and it’s not what you necessarily think of when talking about Justin Herbert.

It’s not a huge bomb down the field, but rather it was a quick, “four-yard touchdown pass on the opening drive against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 13,” per the Ringer. It wasn’t even a close game, but this play stood out in Shane Day’s mind for one reason.

Justin Herbert’s ability to quickly read the defense is what separates him from all the other QB’s. According to Shane Day, the Chargers quarterbacks coach, that’s what Herbert’s  “superpower ” is.

In that specific play you can watch above, Shane Day explains, “Most quarterbacks aren’t able to get through a full-field progression in the open field, and doing it in the red zone, where everything is condensed, basically never happens. But on this play, Herbert considered and dismissed three different options before finally making a throw to Keenan Allen, who was considered a ‘check down’ option.”

We all know being a QB is about what’s between the ears, and the Mental game is just as, if not more important than the physical game. Sure you need the talent to succeed, but you don’t need to be the most athletic, or have the strongest arm to thrive in the NFL.

The fact that Hebert not only has all the physical tools in his belt, but also has the mental game locked up makes him very scary.

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