Josh Allen Responds to Buffalo Bills Fans’ Concerns Over Him Running The Ball Too Much in Fear of Him Being Injured

Josh Allen isn’t running away from this tough question.

Understandably most Buffalo Bills fans worry that Josh Allen won’t be able to keep up his style of play for very long if he continues to recklessly run the ball.  The  dual-threat quarterback has rushed for 2,381 yards and 32 touchdowns  during his career, he’s definitely established himself as one of the most mobile QB’s in the game.  The Bills’ 2018 first-round pick had 56 yards rushing to go along with one rushing TD in the team’s Week 1 blowout win over the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams. Appearing on “Kyle Brandt’s Basement” earlier this week, Allen was asked about a Bills fan who expressed worries over him running the ball late in the game.


She asked:

“Is it necessary for you to run in the 4th quarter when you’re up 20+ points? Can you please stop? From an anxiety-ridden Bills fan with PTSD. Go Bills!”

Allen had a funny reaction to the tweet, stating that “it’s not necessary, but it’s football.” The Buffalo Bills signal caller cited the need to keep the clock moving, rather than throw an incomplete pass and have the clock stop.

Watch Allen’s answer to the tough question below:

Buffalo held a 31-10 point lead with seven minutes left when they got the ball back from the Rams following a Matthew Stafford interception. Normally you would throw in the backup, but Allen remained in the game, and continued to run the ball.

Last season Josh Allen rushed for a career-high 763 yards and six touchdowns on 122 carries.  This is just who he is as a football player, and my guess is he’s going to figure out how to balance things better as he keeps getting older.

Allen is currently one of the front-runners to win the 2022 NFL MVP award, and the Bills are the Super Bowl 57 favorites.

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