Teammate Explains Why You Can NEVER be Comfortable Around Josh Allen

Josh Allen is just one of the guys.

He’s a guy who loves to joke, specifically he has one joke that he’s always using. The infamous Deez Nuts joke. It’s not exactly a new joke, but apparently as long as people continue to laugh at it, the joke remains in play. Apparently Josh Allen is a huge deez nuts jokes guy. According to Buffalo tight end Dawson Knox, Allen is using the joke daily. The teammates that have been around Allen know the joke is coming, so they just walk away. But Allen gets to use it on the rookies, who have no idea it’s coming.

Watch Dawson Knox explain below:

Football doesn’t have to be too serious, it’s a long season and the grind can take a toll on you. The Deez Nuts jokes help keep things a little light, which is pretty important during an 18 week season.

Personally I prefer “That’s what she said” jokes.

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